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Accounting Assistant
Full-time position (1 position available)
Location: Centerville, VA
Reviews and reconstruct detailed financial data into categories and formats requested by management;
Maintains detailed records for preparation of reports;
Determines appropriate accounts for assigning expenditures, revenue and general ledger transactions;
Researches, compiles and produces accounting reports and summaries at the request of accountants;
Instructs non-accounting staff in methods of correcting financial reporting errors;
Reviews and analyzes cleared or returned warrants and other imbalance items;
Consults with bank personnel on accounting imbalances and reconciliations;
Prepares journal vouchers and other accounting system input transaction documents;
Assists others in reconciliation of financial reports;
Performs daily checks on financial system(s), verifying overall accuracy by comparing source records to data in the computer system reports, locating report errors, and correcting input for data processing;
Confers directly with accountants regarding accounting and related fiscal policies and procedures;
Notifies accountants of imbalances that may be the result of accounting system errors;
Reviews transaction documents before entry into the accounting system;
Proven knowledge of Intuit QuickBooks, AuditWare, Microsoft Access, Excel, Word, Data entry software, etc.

Required experience/education:
Associate’s Degree in Accounting, Business Administration or a related field. 
Proven experience as an Accounting Assistant, Accounting Specialist and other related.

To be determined at the job interview.
Please send your detailed resume and cover letter to mailazaa@yahoo.com